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Maximizing your Driving Pleasure.

At CG Remaps, we specialize in all types of Ecu Remapping and Engine Tuning for your vehicle, helping maximize your driving pleasure. Ecu Remap for a petrol or diesel engine will vastly improve your driving pleasure.

There are lots of limits on driving these day`s even your vehicles full potential is restricted at the factory. Vehicle manufacturer`s have to allow leeway in the engines full potential to be sold all over the world, with different air quality, climate, fuel quality and temperature all in mind. The manufacturer`s must also allow leeway for owners who do not keep to service schedules or just don’t look after their engine in general. The great news is that our Ecu Remap software can free you from these restrictions safely. You could achieve as much as 50% extra power and torque along with up to 20% better fuel economy from our expertly made custom Remap upgrade.

We are a family run business that specializes solely on the software installed inside the vehicle engine control unit or Ecu for short, this is the computer or brain of the vehicle which controls the running of the engine. We can offer the perfect custom Remap service that won’t be beat! We use only the very best high tech equipment and software programs available today on the market, this is all backed up with expert software development knowledge.

We are very passionate about what we do and want nothing less than perfection for our customers. We are a Master Tuning company and full licensed winols user, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and this is all backed up with fantastic reviews and feedback from our cherished customer base. We are not your average run of the mill Ecu Remapping Company, offering poor generic files and working out of the back of a van, with no fixed address, landline or even insurance. Beware of these so called back street tuners if you’re thinking of investing in a Remap for your vehicle. Our goal is to be the very best in what we do and to stand out from the crowd, the only way we see to succeed this goal is to ensure all our work is carried out perfectly with expert knowledge, passion and ensuring each and every customer is 110% satisfied with our service. Thanks to the backing of a world renowned Tuning Company ATM Chiptuning that boast a total of 6 dyno development centres across the world, with over 15 years of expert knowledge in automotive software development, this will help towards achieving our goal.

Services available at CG Remaps- Main dealer level diagnostics, HHO Engine carbon cleaning to help remove unwanted carbon build up from inside your engine, cleaning the combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust valves, dpf filter, egr valve, catalytic converter, turbo vanes and inlet manifold. This will help restore lost performance, economy and smooth running from your Engine due to carbon build up. General vehicle maintenance servicing using only high quality main dealer spec parts and oil, service book stamped along with service light reset.

Contact CG remaps for Ecu Remap, Remapping, Engine Tuning, Remap in Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Telford, Stafford, Stoke on trent, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Market Drayton, Crewe, Stone, Cannock, Walsall, Whitchurch, Nantwich, West Midlands.

For further information on what we can offer for your vehicle please contact us direct.


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